Get loud for Deaf children this Friday


The fourteenth annual National Loud Shirt Day will be held across Australia on Friday 19 October 2012, and it includes the support of one prominent Adelaide United figure.

The fourteenth annual National Loud Shirt Day will be held across Australia on Friday 19 October, 2012.

Loud Shirt Day, which raised almost $1million nationally in 2011, is a fundraising day in which individuals, schools, businesses, recreational clubs and organisations are asked to put on their loudest, brightest and boldest shirts and make a donation to help ensure that deaf babies and children across the state get the best available therapy and specialist care. For more information and to register to take part in Loud Shirt Day, go to

One man who is encouraging people to get behind the cause is Adelaide United Coach John Kosmina. A South Australian Ambassador for Loud Shirt Day 2012, the cause resonates closely with Kosmina, who has a son who is hearing impaired.

“I-m calling on not only South Australians but everyone around the country to support Loud Shirt Day,” Kosmina said.

“Deafness is invisible but it has a profound effect on children-s learning and communication and together we can help more kids who are deaf learn to listen and speak.”

“It-s devastating to learn that your baby is deaf, as we did with my fifth child, but with the support these kids have fantastic futures. So I just really encourage people to support the cause, wear a loud shirt and help give deaf kids a voice.”

Loud Shirt Day began as an initiative of South Australia-s award winning Cora Barclay Centre for hearing impaired children which celebrated its 65th birthday last year. Today the centre is an Australian leader in Auditory-Verbal Therapy, which teaches deaf children to listen and speak. And although the CBC receives government support it must still raise more than $1million of its operating budget each year and relies heavily on the support of the general public.

“Loud Shirt Day fundraising events are held all over Australia and rural communities provide great support which is terrific as we focus on increasing our services to children in geographically isolated communities,” Cora Barclay Centre CEO Michael Forwood said.

“Children who are deaf face a great many challenges and wherever they live the earlier intervention commences the better the outcomes.”

The Cora Barclay Centre was the first oral deaf education facility in the southern hemisphere. Over the past 65 years the Centre has assisted more than 3500 families and each year provides a service for more than 250 families many with more than one child who is deaf.

Today the centre provides a one-stop shop helping the deaf learn to listen and speak through auditory-verbal therapy, music therapy, Teacher of the Deaf school support program, audiology, family education and counselling and WHISPA: a youth mentoring and social program.

Take part in Loud Shirt Day simply by wearing your loudest shirt on Friday 19 October and making a donation to the Cora Barclay Centre. Businesses and organisations wanting Participation Kits should call the Cora Barclay Centre on 8267 9200 or register via the website
Alternatively, donations to Loud Shirt Day may be made at any Bank SA branch or direct to the Centre at 185 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide 5006.