Grassroots: The benefits of compression clothing


Wondering whether it’s worth the hassle of wearing compression clothing? Linebreak provide insight into the features and benefits of their compression products.


Warming up is important to prepare your body for training and competition. Linebreak’s compression garments stimulate blood flow for an efficient warm up and greater levels of oxygen delivered to muscles.


Linebreak Compression will protect your body during training. The unique muscle sense support structure allows full range of motion while delivering the support required to get through the toughest session.

Our unique fabric technology offers protection for muscles which reduces damage, fatigue and long term overuse injuries for stronger training performance. Linebreak Compression helps to align and keep muscles in place to reduce muscle oscillation that can lead to muscle strain and soreness.

The range of Linebreak compression also reinforces proprioception. The pressure on the skin surface assists in heightening body sense which in turn enhances body positioning movements during skills training.


Give yourself the best chance in your chosen arena. Linebreak Compression wicks sweat away from the skin for dryness and regulation of body temperature giving you the benefits of compression without overheating.

You can perform for longer by fighting fatigue and risk of long-term overuse injuries by reducing muscle oscillation.

Linebreak Compression also comes complete with confidence with antibacterial and UPF 30+ sun protection fabric technology.


Wear your Linebreak Compression to repair your body in the fastest possible time for your next training session, game or daily activity. Our graduated compression increases blood circulation, this assists with the removal of lactic acid from muscles to reduce swelling and speed muscle repair for faster recovery.

For best recovery results wear Linebreak Compression for three hours’ post activity. For increased recovery and benefit sleep and travel in your compression clothing.

For more information about Linebreak, visit www.linebreak.com.au