Pablo Sanchez: We’re pumped for Villarreal


Spanish forward Pablo Sanchez is excited about the opportunity to end the season against Villarreal.

The Castellón team affectionately known as the Yellow Submarine is arriving in Adelaide to take on the Reds next Friday 29 May 2015 at Coopers Stadium.

Pablo Sanchez who has spent his entire career in Spain before making a move to the Hyundai A-League, can’t wait to verse a team from his home-land.

“We’re excited to play a team from the best league in the world,” said Pablo Sanchez.

“They are a very good team. Like us, they are hungry to win and succeed.”

Pablo Sanchez fondly recalls encountering some of their players during his time back in Spain.

“Gerard Moreno can do everything and I have played against him. They have this quality. He’s very difficult,” said Pablo Sanchez.

“They also have players like Uche – a very good striker who scores a lot of goals.”

villarreal_pablosanchez_(Ikechukwu Uche)_210515

Not only are Adelaide excited about the big game, they are also excited for the opportunity it holds.

“We want to do well. People will be watching in Spain and here. Australian football is improving and maybe in 10 years could be on a level with Europe,” said Pablo Sanchez.

“It’s a good experience to know the level of us against a very good team.”