Adelaide United Youth squad revealed for NPL SA 2021 season

Airton Andrioli

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Adelaide United Youth begin its National Premier League 2021 season against South Adelaide at O’Sullivan Beach Sports and Community Centre on Sunday.

The Young Reds finished 10th last year in a coronavirus interrupted campaign and have a new Head Coach at the helm in Airton Andrioli.

After United’s Round 1 clash, they take on Croydon Kings before meeting Campbelltown City and Adelaide Blue Eagles.

Andrioli was appointed the Club’s new Head of Youth Football in November last year and also serves as an Assistant Coach to the A-League squad where he works closely with Carl Veart, Ross Aloisi and the rest of the coaching staff.

Andrioli said he was looking forward to the start of the season and admitted he has enjoyed his new role at the Club.

“I’m very excited, I’ve really enjoyed my role since I moved over (from Football SA),” he said.

“I think we’ve a fantastic environment here with all the coaching staff being part of the A-League squad.

“Obviously with Carl (Veart), Ross (Aloisi) and all the other staff we know each other quite well, so it’s really good and I feel extremely happy and excited about the job.”

Airton Andrioli and Carl Veart

With Andrioli connected to both the Club’s youth and senior teams it has only enhanced the alignment between the two squads.

“Obviously, I’m here watching and part of what we do with the A-League squad we just always try and filter that down to the youth players,” he added.

“Taking into consideration the fact that some of those players are younger and still in the learning phase.

“But everything else is linked, so what we want to create is an environment where those players – if they do need to step up for a training session or whatever it might be – will have a very, very good understanding of the basics of what the A-League squad and players do at training.

“From my perspective they’re working quite well and it’s very well aligned.”

The 56-year-old admitted while player development is ultimately the primary objective, creating a winning culture is also equally important.

Striking that balance is a challenge Andrioli is relishing.  

“We have to understand the role and the position,” he explained.

“We’re working with young players who are not ready yet.

“But obviously winning games always helps, but the most important thing is those players understand they’ve to perform week in and week out and continue their journey and their development.

“Development is obviously the number one priority. If we can add some results which adds to confidence and everything else is also very important.

“But the main thing is those players have to understand that they still have a journey in front of them and for them it’s about giving 110% every time, and waiting for an opportunity.”

Airton Andrioli

Adelaide United Youth Squad

*Each week there can be a maximum of three overage players (players born 1998, 1999 or 2000 and excluding goalkeepers) that are permitted to make the matchday squad.


1. James Delianov 46. Joe Gauci 33. Dakota Ochsenham 40. Ethan Cox 50. Steven Hall



15. Noah Smith 34. Yared Abetew 42. Fergus Lynch 43. Alexandar Popovic
45. Noah McNamara 52. Adam Leombruno 54. Joseph Marcheda 55. Giuseppe Bovalina
56. Kane Vidmar 59. Vinnie Carbone 62. Kikianis Panagiotis 63. Jean Paul Mbembe



6. Louis D’Arrigo 27. Josh Cavallo 37. Jonny Yull 41. Daniel Bressan
45. Arbi Mollas 47. Nicholas Pedicini 49. Keshav Shrestha 53. Jason Konstandopoulos
55. Ethan Alagich      



14. Domenic Costanzo 17. Mohamed Toure 19. Yaya Dukuly 24. Pacifique Niyongabire
29. Kusini Yengi 35. Al Hassan Toure 48. Michael Cittadini 51. Binyam Kebede
57. Panashe Madanha 61. Callum Campbell 64. Luka Jovanovic 65. Musa Toure
66. Nestor Irankunda      


For the full list of Adelaide United Youth fixtures click here.

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