ADLUNITE: Round 9 Feature


This week we feature Sergio ‘Tanque’ Cirio in our match day programme, ADLUNITE. To read the full piece, make sure you get a copy at #ADLvPER!

ADLvPER Round 9 2015/16-UPDATED

Tanque’s Tranquillity


True ingenuity is a beautiful thing. It’s a freedom of expression, a level of creativity unbound by any physical or mental restraints. In general, it can cause the formation of incredible ideas, the inception of unprecedented concepts, even impeccable creations.

In any form, achieving ingenuity is a tremendously difficult feat. At the heart of it, it comes from dedication to a notion or craft. From here it must be explored, dissected, understood, until clarity of mind is experienced and effortless grace exudes from one’s being in whatever form felt necessary. 

Although it can become more than just a thought or action, quickly evolving into a feeling and the type that cannot be ignored or supressed. In these instances, more than the majority of others, these sensations must be shown and expressed as an inspired form of elation. 

And in terms of football and the players that epitomise it as a way of life, on occasion you’ll find those with the ability to access these feelings of sheer joy, which in turn reflects through their football week, by week. When they’re able to grasp it, their energy levels are seemingly endless, a winning desire urging them onto greatness, reflecting the peculiar impact football has on people. 

Our No. 9 is no exception in this category. His effort is immense; his passion is vast. Every single time he wears a shirt with the Adelaide United logo over his heart, his intentions are pure and obvious, his ingenuity on display. 

“I always push myself to do my best,” Sergio Cirio said. “Sometimes I play well, other times I don’t play so good, but I always give everything to my football.

“This is my job and I love doing it. I always try to improve, not just for myself, but also for our team, trying to help them as much as I can.” 

Speaking with Cirio, you feel the truth in his words. The honesty and selflessness he possess so often gets misplaced in the world of football, hidden by overinflated egos and paycheques. 

The full version of this feature is available exclusively in the ADLUNITE match day programme available at the game between Adelaide United FC and Perth Glory FC.

Adelaide United will face Perth Glory in Round 9 of the Hyundai A-League 2015/16 season at Coopers Stadium on Sunday, 6 December. Kick-off is at 7.00 pm.

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