Be there for the Big Moments in 21/22

Louis D'Arrigo Adelaide United vs Newcastle Jets | A-League 2021

Adelaide United Membership 2021/22

A moment – usually fleeting in its occurrence but if memorable one that can last a lifetime.

A split-second decision is sometimes all it takes to produce famous or infamous consequences. 

A moment can positively define a player’s career or equally and regrettably haunt a player’s career. 

It is precisely these happenings in games which influence the outcome of a match and why we love the beautiful game.

In 2021 Be There for the Big Moments is back in all its glory for the second iteration after creating this concept last year.

Last season we spoke to former legends of the Club as they reminisced and shared their most memorable Adelaide United moments as they played a role in building the fabric of our Club.

From Lucas Pantelis and Eugene Galekovic to Marcelo Carrusca and Sergio van Dijk as well as Racheal Quigley and current Head Coach, Carl Veart, the list goes on.

They fashioned enduring memories through their immense talent and class which are now enshrined in Adelaide United folklore. 

And ahead of the 2021/22 campaign we will be speaking to current Reds players from our A-League and W-League squads to revisit their most cherished moment.

From Joe Gauci’s phenomenal point-blank save and Ben Halloran’s back-heel finish to Mohamed Toure’s maiden goal and Chelsie Dawber’s volley, we will bring you every captivating moment.

You never know when the next big moment will be, that is why it is important to be there, in the stands, to witness them and be part of history.

Adelaide United Membership 2021/22