Fresh Group Of Young Reds Embarks On NPL Journey

Saturday marked a momentous occasion at Coopers Stadium as a youthful Adelaide United NPL squad stepped onto the field for their Round One encounter against a seasoned Campbelltown City side.

Comprising a matchday squad of 17 players, the team boasted a collective age of merely 18 years, reflecting the youthful vigour permeating the entire NPL playing cohort.

When excluding the professional and scholarship players, the average age of the squad plummets to just 17 years and 3 months.

Despite his tender age of 15 years and 7 months, budding winger Amlani Tatu left a lasting impression with some explosive moments on debut.

Amlani Tatu

Joining Tatu, Riley Stam (18) made his first RAANPSLA appearance for the Reds following his transfer from Para Hills during the offseason.

Stam, a striker who clinched the Golden Boot with 21 goals in State League One last season, showcased his prowess on the field.

Sotiris Phillis made his second appearance in the RAA NPLSA, while Jake Porter (17) and Oscar Page (17) marked their fourth outing in the league.

Airton Andrioli, Head of Youth Football, shared with AUFC Media his enthusiasm for providing valuable experience to the team in the upcoming season.

“I relish the opportunity to challenge young players and witness them rise to the occasion,” said Andrioli.

Riley Stam

“Reflecting on our past achievements and the Club’s unified philosophy, I believe we are on the right trajectory and intend to maintain that momentum.

“This season presents a fresh set of challenges, with a group of less experienced players.

“While some may not be fully prepared, each match serves as a stepping stone towards our collective objectives.”

A-League Men’s Head Coach, Carl Veart, expressed his anticipation for the young players’ performance this season after watching on from the sidelines. 

“For many of these players, this season marks their debut in the NPL,” said Veart.

“While there will be highs and lows throughout the year, I witnessed promising performances from several young talents today, as well as in the Reserves over the weekend.

“We have a pool of promising prospects emerging within the Club.”

Adelaide United RAANPLSA 2024 Squad List

#SurnameFirst NameAgeAge In Months
73KabazoDavid1515 years, 7 months
74TatuAmlani1515 years, 7 months
78MalualNichola1515 years, 9 months
79KasumovićFeyzo1616 years, 1 months
72HassanMohamed1616 years, 3 months
48VersaceBae1616 years, 8 months
76AloisiMatias1616 years, 9 months
70CoutsoumbesYiorges1616 years, 10 months
75GrelliFabian1717 years, 0 months
58CrawfordHarry1717 years, 0 months
42LynchHenry1717 years, 3 months
56PorterJake1717 years, 4 months
52PhillisSotiris1717 years, 6 months
67BlazevicLuka1717 years, 8 months
64BurkittBrody1717 years, 8 months
68CarrocciJames1717 years, 8 months
63ParhasGiorgio1717 years, 10 months
65Garuccio Joey1717 years, 10 months
60PageOscar1717 years, 11 months
59Harris Cameron1818 years, 0 months
62TalladiraFabian1818 years, 0 months
61McGregorPatrick1818 years, 0 months
45MbembeJean Paul1818 years, 10 months
44WhiteRyan1818 years, 6 months
77StamRiley1818 years, 6 months