Galekovic: We have our home


Following Adelaide United’s reveal of their new training facility at the City of Playford in Elizabeth, club Captain, Eugene Galekovic, says it’s good to have an official home.

After the official unveiling of Adelaide United’s new training centre in the City of Playford, Reds Captain, Eugene Galekovic, says he, and the entire team, are ecstatic to finally have a dedicated training base that they can call home.

Galekovic also pointed out that despite not having a suitable training centre prior to the establishment of their base at Elizabeth, the Reds have made the best of the situation and have been able to achieve considerably on the field – something Galekovic attributes to the unity within the team.

“It’s been well documented throughout the last few years that we’ve not had a good facility (to train at) and now it’s finally (here),” Galekovic said. 

“Even though we haven’t had the same facilities that other teams have, we’ve still been making finals and doing well.

“There’s great team unity within the squad. Everyone’s close and we fight for each other, which everyone’s probably seen in the last few years.

“Now we have it all and there are no more excuses, so we’re really looking forward to it.”

When asked about how the new facilities will benefit the squad, Galekovic said not only would they help the Reds’ football, but the centre itself will give players a lift and help to prevent injuries as well.

“The boys are really enjoying it and it’s going to be great over the next few years to have great pitches and facilities like we do here,” he explained.

“We have it all here now. We have a centre we can come to every session and not have to worry about where training’s going to be, or if training could be cancelled because we don’t have a pitch.

“When you come to a training pitch and it’s of this quality, it makes you want to train even harder. It gives you a buzz and I can see us improving because of it.

“The fact that this is our home now, is massive. Everything here is ours and when we arrive it’s all set up the way we need it to be.

“Now we have the facility and all the things we need to do well, so hopefully we can add some more trophies to the cabinet and the surface here should prevent some injuries too.” 

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