Get involved in the Wings for Life World Run

The Wings for Life World Run will take place in Adelaide on Sunday, May 8 and we are urging the Adelaide United family to get behind a very important cause.

The global Wings for Life World Run is a campaign aimed at raising money for spinal cord research.

Victoria Park (Pakapakanthi) will host one of eight organised app runs in Australia across this weekend, connecting runners and wheelchair users of all ages wanting to compete together.

The distinctive format sees participants run as far as they can until they are passed by a moving finish line, the ‘Catcher Car’, which chases runners along the course or virtual in the App.

The run begins at 8.30pm, with the ‘Catcher Car’ departing 30 minutes after the start at 14 km/h and will gradually increase its speed until the last athletes have been caught.

To enter it costs $15 and crucially 100% of entry fees go to Wings for Life, a not-for-profit foundation that finances scientific research and clinical trials with the solitary objective of finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

The Wings for Life World Run, which launched in 2014, has attracted nearly one million people from 150 countries across the globe.

In 2021, participants as a whole accumulated more than 1.6 million km.

Download the Wings for Life World Run App and register to run at wingsforlifeworldrun.com.