Goodwin launches the A-Leagues

Craig Goodwin launches the A-Leagues for Adelaide United.

At the official launch of the A-Leagues seasons on Tuesday, Adelaide United Captain, Craig Goodwin, spoke to media to give his thoughts ahead of the 2022/23 campaign.

Exciting times ahead:
“It’s good to have this kind of publicity about the league and this media push (ahead of the seasons).

“I think it brings a lot of excitement for the fans and especially for us as players.

“Having the longest pre-season in world football is quite gruelling but I’m definitely excited to get into the league and into the season and obviously with the World Cup just around the corner as well.”

Isabel Hodgson and Craig Goodwin launch the A-Leagues for Adelaide United.

A challenging couple of years:
“It’s been challenging with COVID (over the last few seasons), but it’s good to see that last season we were starting to build up with the number of fans coming (to support teams).

“This year with some of the signings across all the different teams I think it’s going to be a really big year of football with the Men’s World Cup, the A-Leagues, and the Women’s World Cup just after.”

Craig Goodwin launches the A-Leagues for Adelaide United.

Returning to Coopers Stadium:
“(It’s a great time to support Adelaide United) especially with the (Coopers Stadium) renovations as well.

“The roof being put on the Eastern Grandstand is going to create a really good atmosphere at, what I think, is the best stadium in the league.

“It’s purpose-build for football and (fans are) really close (to the field) with a bit of a European-stye atmosphere.

“So we’re in for a big year and I think it’s going to be a good atmosphere if we can fill the stands.

“It’s going to be a fantastic year for men’s and women’s football in our city.”