Izzy’s Words: Away day glee paves the way

Isabel Hodgson provides us with her thoughts on Round 1 and looks ahead to Round 3.

There’s nothing quite like an away day win.

Don’t get me wrong, winning at home in front of your passionate home crowd sure is something, but gaining glory on the road can really bring confidence to a team and define a season.

This win against Perth has the makings of a special campaign for us. To be able to again grind out a result against tough opposition will bring so much confidence to the group for the year ahead. It is also the first time in our history that we have started the season with back-to-back victories.

But, most importantly, it was our first away trip for the year, which means ‘initiation’ time for our new players and coaches, all of them jumping up and singing for the group the night before the game.

We saw some great performances and full commitment to the cause. Mindy (MelindaJ Barbieri) and Meisha (Westland) dressed up as Eminem and rapped, Grace Wilson and Katie Bowler sang ‘Y.M.C.A.’, which got everyone involved – as it always does – and even Xiao (Yuyi) sang in English, which was beautiful.

This always makes the away trip a lot of fun and it was a great lead-in for Sunday’s game, really setting the ‘tone’ for the match.

Part of that game, of course, is our momentous Pride Progress Captains’ armband that I feel so privileged and fortunate to wear.

It was awesome to get a call from the PFA saying the other captains of the clubs wanted to wear the pride armband for this round too.

To see all the clubs getting behind the cause and wearing it was a great sign of solidarity and support for the community, and even better to know that it was my Club that pioneered the design.

An initiative like this is important now more than ever because Adelaide United is a family for everyone and football is a game that welcomes everyone.

It’s the world’s game and that’s the way it needs to be.