Kitto believes playing on offers a welcomed distraction


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Ryan Kitto believes continuing to play football during the coronavirus pandemic while it remains safe is crucial to help offer a distraction for people.

The world has been gripped by the deadly infectious disease which has increased anxiety levels within the community. The wide-spread panic buying currently seen across Australia is one facet symptomatic of this.

Although football and sport more broadly are often considered redundant in times like these, Kitto insisted the continuation of the Hyundai A-League would provide an escape for society.

“I think it’s very important that some things where people get enjoyment out of do continue to happen in difficult times like this,” the Adelaide United defender said.

“Because obviously times are tough and any little distraction can help people mentally and I think as long as we can keep going, we should continue to keep going.”

The 25-year-old revealed the Reds have been implementing extra hygienic practices in line with advice from health officials and are also doing their best to self-isolate where possible.

“Obviously we need to make sure we are being as hygienic as possible with what we are doing at the training ground and what we are doing in our own time,” he explained.

“So obviously trying to isolate as much as we can and keep our distance away from large populated areas.

“General hygiene like washing your hands and things like that are highly important and I suppose we are just taking what steps we can to hopefully be able to continue to play to bring some enjoyment to people in the world in a tough time.”

Adelaide endured a tough week on the training pitch following another disappointing loss last weekend and will now enjoy a three-day break.

The full-back concurred that the bye has come at a good time and hopefully it allows them to refresh ahead of the remaining five matches.

“It’s been an interesting week with everything that’s been happening in the world,” he continued.

“But it has been a good week of training. I think the bye has come at a good time, it’s hopefully allowed us to get a bit of enjoyment back in training and get us ready to focus on the remainder of the season.”

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