Marcos Flores movements


Adelaide United FC wishes to advise its position in relation to Marcos Flores following his departure from his club in China.

Adelaide United FC has become aware that former Reds playmaker Marcos Flores has moved on from his Chinese club and is therefore available to play elsewhere.

The club has had meaningful but ultimately unproductive discussions with his management group. Adelaide United would love to have Flores back and he is willing to return provided we meet his minimum wage requirements.

The stumbling block here is that the club has already 22 contracted players for next season and thus only have 1 spot left on the roster. Furthermore, the club already has both an Australian and foreign marquee player and as such, the club simply cannot contract with Flores for next season as there is no room available in the salary cap to do so.

The club has from the day Marcos left maintained strong relations with him so that Adelaide was always a serious option for him after the expiration of his Chinese contract. The early termination of his contract leaves the club in a position that as much as we admire and recognise his unique talents, we are currently unable to offer him a contract that he would accept as we have in place existing contracts and the resultant salary cap restrictions that render this process nugatory.

Were there to be a change in our position, which frankly seems unlikely, then the club-s supporters can be rest assured that the club will resume discussions with Marcos- management team to try to secure his services again.