Member Q and A – Jason Hall


We truly believe we have some of the best fans in the country, like Jason, who says the unique atmosphere of United games just keeps dragging him back to Coopers!

When did you start supporting AUFC?
I first started going to games probably eight or nine years ago.

What made you fall in love with the club and what made you become a member?
Of course, being born and raised in Adelaide, the Reds were the only option along with the passion of the fans and the atmosphere at the games. After going to plenty of AFL matches, I realised there’s really nothing like the atmosphere at an A-League match. Throw in a few games against Melbourne Victory and you can’t help getting caught up in it all. 

How long have you been a member of AUFC?
I have been a member for about four years now. Three or four years before I joined as a member, though, I was standing with the Red Army and going home with no voice after each game. Then I spent three years as a General Admission Member and this year I made the upgrade to a Gold Reserve Membership. 

What has made you continue your membership?
Once again, the atmosphere on game day. Not just during the game or seeing the ball hit the back of the net, but arriving before kick-off, having a couple of beers, watching the teams warm up, and of course the dream of being the winning team on the final day of the season!

What is your favourite memory from a Reds match?
My favourite memory is from a season 2013/14, playing against Melbourne Heart, before they became Melbourne City. I had actually bought my cousin and her partner along for their first game. Anyway, we were down 2-1, down to ten men, and the atmosphere was intense particularly after the Heart missed a penalty. Then in added time, I think Awer Mabil crossed it to Fabio Ferreira who put one away to steal a draw.

The unique atmosphere of United games just keeps dragging Jason back to Coopers!

Where do you enjoy our matches from at Coopers Stadium?
We used to sit in the north-west corner next to the goals for a few years, but this year upgraded to Gold Reserved seating and I go with one of my best mates, Adrian Rendziak. 

Who is your favourite player form our current squad?
My favourite player in the current squad would probably be Tarek Elrich. I was a little sceptical when he was first signed, but his last season was incredible. Not just his runs up the wing, but his work off the ball and efforts to get back after a run forward, not to mention the chances he creates can come from absolutely nothing.

Who is your all-time favourite Reds player?
My favourite past player would have to be Marcos Flores – forgetting what happened after he left, of course.   

Which non-AUFC, but A-League, player do you secretly admire?
A non-AUFC player I admire, just as much as I cannot stand him, would be Besart Berisha. Hate the guy even more now he is at Victory, but he is so consistently dangerous.

If you could choose any footballer, past or present, to play for AUFC, whom would you choose and why?
I would go with Sergio van Dijk if I chose a United player. His ability to finish a forward move was amazing for us. If I chose any player at all, it would have to be Lionel Messi. If only!   

If you could say anything to a Reds fan who is thinking of becoming a member, but hasn’t yet, what would you say?
Come to a couple of games with an open mind and then try and honestly say that you didn’t enjoy yourself!

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