More than a kit: Davide

More Than A Kit

As an extension of our Adelaide United home kit launch, this series will profile the people and their businesses who featured in the video.

Davide Cavuoto is joint owner of Coffee in Common along with Sean Do.

Located a stone’s throw away from Coopers Stadium on Bacon Street, this warehouse turned café and roastery has quickly entrenched itself as part of the Hindmarsh fabric since opening in its current spot in January this year.

A go to place for anyone after a caffeine hit or bite to eat, Coffee in Common is certainly one on the bucket list for avid coffee enthusiasts.

Davide or ‘Dos’ as he colloquially goes by, begins by explaining how his support for the Club began.

“I started supporting the Club pretty much in the first year that they were formed,” Davide revealed.

“I remember Fernando Rech, Qu Shengqing, Carl Veart and (Angelo) Costanzo in the back line.

“So just started supporting them, going to a few games and followed them pretty much throughout.”

Davide said the Club has meant a lot to him over the years – simply because of his love for the world game.

He reminisced about some of his most memorable moments watching as a fan in the stands of Coopers Stadium.

“Firstly, I love soccer,” Davide stated.

“I love supporting local clubs as well and I guess that’s how it first started because I do love watching soccer especially live.

“I think Coopers Stadium has got a fantastic atmosphere, some of the best games I’ve seen have been at Coopers Stadium – especially when it’s full and the crowd is just going.

“Some of the games that I remember was when we beat Wellington Phoenix a few seasons ago in the last few minutes that was pretty epic.

“And a lot of the Asian Champions League games as well at capacity were pretty crazy.”

As a proud South Australian business, Davide added that he has enjoyed the Club’s direction in the last few years as well with a noticeable emphasis on giving young South Australians first-team opportunities.

“I really love what the Club is doing now as well,” he said.

“Just promoting South Australian talent essentially, investing in youth and supporting players who want to play for Adelaide United from South Australia – I think that’s pretty good.”

Coffee in Common originally opened in Melbourne by Sean in 2015 before deciding to sell the Essendon-based café and return to Adelaide at the end of 2019.

Davide and Sean have known each other for more than a decade working in the hospitality industry with the former even visiting the latter in Melbourne, helping out at the shop, in addition to attending coffee expos together.

From early 2020, the pair operated a roaster out of a share space in Richmond, wholesaling coffee to a handful of cafés as well as having a small online presence.

But the pair always had a vision of running its roastery alongside a café.

Their dream became a reality after serendipitously finding their Hindmarsh warehouse and transformed what was formerly a car detailing business into an innovative and unique café space.

Reds players have also known to frequent the café often, particularly after training at Coopers Stadium or when passing through the Club’s office.

It is a popular setting to pitstop and refuel with an espresso.

Indeed, Davide has also become cognisant of the increased foot traffic and general buzz in the area on a United game day.

“It’s definitely very infectious,” he explained.

“Like the vibes pick up here a lot. I guess people sort of have that pre-match buzz.

“I do love it when the players come in as well after they’ve been training at Hindmarsh. It’s always good and they’re up for a bit of banter as well.

“We’ve even had people on the days that they’ve come in, saying how awesome it is to see the players come in here to a local café seeing them supporting local as well.

“It definitely adds something to the café and the area.”

Davide admitted the dynamic of running a café and roastery in a semi-industrial district on a back street is different but equally enjoyable.

It is precisely that extra layer of uniqueness which complements the overall character of the place and makes it just work.

“I’ve worked in a lot of different cafés over the years,” he discussed.

“I’ve worked in the city and I’ve worked out in the suburbs as well, and this dynamic is very interesting.

“There are a lot of people from businesses and offices that do come in here, but we also do get people who might go out of their way to come in and check us out which is really nice.

“We do have a good, solid group of regulars which is great to see. Businesses in the area, Adelaide United and just people who sort of live west side which is really nice.

“So it is an interesting dynamic which is great, and it’s something that I love working with.

“It’s a little bit different like a big warehouse, so we do have a real focus on having things relatively chill and nicely spaced out.

“So it’s really nice to sort of sit down with people and be able to talk to them about coffee and what we do and our vision as a business.”