PTE Francesco Tropiano excited for ADF to take part in friendly clash

PTE Francesco Tropiano from the Australian Defence Force spoke to the media ahead of the friendly clash involving ADF Football Team and AUFC Legends on Sunday.

Players excited about playing on Coopers Stadium:

“For pretty much for the rest of the guys, I’d say not a lot of them have actually played in an actual proper stadium throughout their soccer careers.

“So, I think it would be pretty exciting for a lot of them to play.

“I played here a couple of times when I was playing in the National Premier League here, good time.”

Tactics for the game:

Its classified, so what we’ll do is we’ll just go through our normal game plan and we’ll try to make the ADF Legends look good, I guess. Yeah.

ADF Partnerships with sporting clubs:

“I guess being part of the ADF, with the work that we do, it’s nice to actually play a bit of sport outside of work as well.

“With us actually representing the entire ADF playing against the team, like the Adelaide United Legends, it’s something that we can show the community that we actually love our sport, and we could actually see all the fans out here.”