Q & A with Josep Gombau


Ahead of his arrival to Australia, we caught up with new Reds Head Coach Josep Gombau to get his take on his desire to lead Adelaide United.

Ahead of his arrival to Australia, we caught up with new Reds Head Coach Josep Gombau to get his take on his desire to lead Adelaide United.

What is your football philosophy and do you plan to implement the Barcelona style?
JG: My football philosophy, it’s the Barcelona style philosophy, because it’s what I learned from F.C. Barcelona during the years that I worked there. For me to implement this style in our team, it’s a procedure that needs time, and to make step by step. During the pre-season, everybody will see the change of the style that Adelaide United will do. But to arrive to play this style in a high level, the team needs time.

Why have you chosen to come to Adelaide United?
I think that the Australian league, it’s one of the 3 top countries in Asia, so it’s a good opportunity for me to work in Australia in a better competition. Also that I really appreciated, the treatment that I received from the people at the club when I was in discussions with them in Hong Kong and the most important was the ideas, and the future that they want to build for our club.

We are aware that there are a couple of international players that are potentially coming to Adelaide United. How do you see them fitting into the current squad and can you provide any information on them?
The last month, we are working hard for to find the right players that can help us to build a strong Adelaide United team for the next season 2013-2014. We are close to arriving to an agreement with 2 Spanish players, the club will announce them maybe in a few days.

How will you assess local talent in South Australia to enable them to potentially be a part of the squad?
In any club in the world the local players, and the youth players are very important, if you see F.C. Barcelona it’s playing sometimes with 10 players made in la Masia.

We want to work with the local and youth players so in the future we can play the A-league with them inside the team. It’s a work that needs time, but also it’s a job that me and Pau Marti (Assistant) want to be involved very much.

We want that the youth team from Adelaide play and are training the same style that the first team has. If we do well this job, in the future Adelaide will have strong and better youth players ready for to play the A-League.

How do you expect to win the title and can you do it with the current squad?
In this moment, my first objective it’s to build and to create the style, more than to win or not the league. To build something strong, that in the future will be important for to win the title that everybody wants, the fans, the people in the club and of course me. This project needs time.

I believe in the current squad, the feeling that is arriving to me from Michael Petrillo and Micky Valkanis it’s very positive, all the players are working hard during this pre-season. Everybody will have his opportunity in the pre-season, and everybody needs to work hard for to be important in the team.