Reds Ambassadors: Amelia Mulcahy


Meet Amelia – when she’s not delivering South Australians with their local weather forecasts with Channel Seven Adelaide, she’s at cheering on her Reds at Coopers Stadium!

Firstly, what has made you fall in love with Adelaide United?
Everyone at the club has been so welcoming, and I don’t think you truly appreciate how inclusive it is, until you’re part of it. I’ve been floored by the effort United puts into giving back to the community, I’m so impressed with how down to earth, humble, and hardworking the players are, and the supporters are diehards. And of course it’s even better when we’re winning! 

What will you bring to the AUFC family as one of the Reds’ Ambassadors?
I’m really looking forward to getting out and about with the Reds, and helping to promote who they are and what they stand for, and while I may not have the best technical expertise, I am so competitive, and incredibly vocal at games! (I know I’m small, but you’d be surprised)

What do you remember from the first game you attended at Coopers Stadium?
The atmosphere! EVERYONE in the crowd was wearing red, EVERY goal was celebrated, and every miss or penalty felt like a kick in the guts. I remember asking a question about an umpire decision out loud to my friend, and at least three different people (who I didn’t know) gave me the answer – you’re a good bunch, Reds supporters.

Were you always a football fan, or is it a relatively new passion that you’ve discovered? 
I used to play futsal at lunchtime at school! We set up a futsal team and played games in the gym, it was really fun. But that sort of fizzled out, it wasn’t really until Adelaide United started up, and there was a way to locally throw your support behind a team, that I’ve become involved again.

What is it about United that has captured your passion and support? Is it because you’re a local South Australian and the pride you have for the state you’re from?
Initially, yeah it was because the Reds are from SA, I’m from SA and I love our state. But once I became involved with the club, it’s so much more than that – it’s literally a family, and people involved with United are involved because they love their club. They do heaps within the community, and there are so many good vibes at United and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Do you support any other football clubs from Europe, for example, or is your football-love solely reserved for AUFC?
Purely AUFC. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy watching international football, but my love lies with the Reds.

Describe a typical day in the life of Amelia, out on the road, bringing us all the vital weather forecasts right across our incredible part of the world.
It changes constantly! Normally I start my day off at Channel Seven, going through the weather forecasts and observations, and planning where we will present the night’s report. But other days I might be out doing interviews for a story, or at a weather briefing at the Bureau of Meteorology. At night we’re on location for a few hours, and I’ll present the weather for Seven News and Today Tonight. I’m normally done and dusted by 8pm.

What parts of your job do you love the most?
Meeting new people! We get to travel to so many places and meet so many different people and there are some crackers out there, I tell you.

Even after travelling across South Australia and visiting so many of the beautiful places it has to offer, are you still amazed by the things you see and the experiences you have when presenting the weather?
You have no idea! We are truly blessed to live so close to gorgeous beaches, vineyards, the Murray, and the outback. I am constantly pinching myself when I get to finish the day off at Port Noarlunga, or a winery. It may be hard work leading up to the night’s report, but it’s worth it to get that perfect shot, and broadcast another beautiful or interesting spot into the homes of South Australians.  

Describe what you consider to be the perfect weather. 
Would you believe I’ve actually thought about this! My favourite kind of day is sunny, with a top of 33°C. 

Considering you are presenting the weather nightly, how do you find time to support the Reds?
I’m lucky most night games start just after weather so I can often make them! But if I can’t, and can’t get to a telly, I am ALL OVER Adelaide United on Twitter and Facebook, which makes me feel like I’m there!

Now we’re going to ask you a series of quick-fire questions that you have to give an instant answer to. Ready?
Football or AFL?
Can I say both? COME ON – they’re on at different times of the year?
Day or night?
Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring – and why?
Summer, because I love daylight saving, and warm nights!
Henley Beach or Adelaide Hills?
I LOVE THE BEACH, but I grew up in the Adelaide Hills so I’m going to have to say that. There is no place more beautiful in winter!
Messi or Ronaldo?
Messi is probably the better footballer, but I prefer Ronaldo.

Is there anything else you wanted to say to the Adelaide United family before we go?
Thank you so much for welcoming me as an Ambassador, everyone’s warm, inviting and it’s a great club to be part of. Can’t wait to see how this season ends, and to be part of more big seasons to come! COME ON YOU REDS!

Thank you, Amelia, and welcome to the family! 

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