Reds and Rocktape announce new partnership


Adelaide United is pleased to announce a long-term agreement with Rocktape, an industry leader in sports medicine products.

With this new partnership, Rocktape will serve as the official supplier of kinesiology tape for the Reds.

Rocktape aids in the recovery of fatigued muscles, supports and enhances muscular contraction, increases circulation, and allows injuries to heal better, with players able to train harder and longer without risk of overuse.

Speaking on the technology and advancements of Rocktape and how it will benefit United, Director of Rocktape Australia, Tony Stahl, said: “Rocktape is the most popular premium kinesiology tape in Australia.

RockTape press release

“It is an elastic sports tape with no latex or zinc oxide, making it hypoallergenic, but with an adhesive that lasts the distance. Rocktape will help the Reds Go Stronger, Longer.”

The Reds’ Head Physiotherapist, Peter Chitti, said the benefit to using a product like RockTape is the reassurance it provides players and medical professionals when it comes to injury prevention and recovery for a range of issues.

“We’ve started using Rocktape as a fantastic aid in tissue proprioception and recovery. It relieves pain, but also supports areas under stress when training or competing at any level,” Chitti explained.

“This helps our players to not be thinking about an injury or muscular problem during their training sessions or while they’re in the middle of intense matches. Rocktape helps alleviate pain or restrictions that could impede their performance.”

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