The Reds and Rocktape


As the end of the regular Hyundai A-League season gets nearer and the finals series approaches, fatigue is inevitably starting to set in amongst the Adelaide United playing group.

Adelaide United Awards Night 2015/16

With fatigue comes an increased risk of soft tissue injuries, and there may even be a few players carrying minor niggles into these important games. Fortunately for the Reds, the Club has recently teamed up with Rocktape.

Rocktape is a highly elastic sports tape, commonly referred to as kinesiology tape. It can be used to help reduce pain from minor injuries and can also be effective to help prevent soft tissue injuries. 

It does this by providing a sense of support for the muscles, and can therefore improve a player’s body awareness and potentially improve technique. This can be crucial to avoid injuries as the Reds embark on their run to the finals.

Rocktape can also be used to reduce swelling and promote recovery. 

Rocktape is helping the Reds recover.

United’s Head Physiotherapist, Peter Chitti, said the Club have seen the improvement from their players since starting to use Rocktape, adding that the extra reassurance it provides is increasingly valuable. 

“Since we started using Rocktape, we’ve noticed just how great it is in aiding in tissue proprioception and recovery,” Chitti explained. 

“Our players have noticed the symptom relief and extra support it provides, when training or playing in our competitive matches.

“This helps our boys by also preventing them from thinking about any possible injuries or muscular problems when active. 

“Rocktape helps alleviate pain or restrictions that could impede their performance and we’ve definitely benefitted from using it this season.”

Adelaide United Awards Night 2015/16