Reds drop goalkeeper shirts for 2022/23 season

Adelaide United together with UCAN have released its goalkeeper kits for the 2022/23 season.

Three distinctive colours were selected for the three goalkeeper strips: pink, white and corsair.

Each jersey utilised an identical custom sublimation pattern, employing an abstract representation of the foot traffic in the heart of the Adelaide CBD.  

The jersey is made from a multi-layer polyester knitted fabric with the material accelerating the moisture-wicking function.

The fabric ensures dryness and comfort of the skin from the dampness of perspiration acquired through exercise, by using the inner layer to draw moisture and transmit it to the outer layer, which facilitates its evaporation, ensuring the body stays as dry as possible to maintain breathability.

Adelaide United’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Marius Zanin, said: “Last year was the first time we made the decision to unveil the goalkeeper kits as its own standalone announcement, and we’ve replicated that again in 2022.

“Quite often goalkeeper jerseys are overlooked or ignored in launches and we believe as a Club it’s important to acknowledge every player.

“As we’ve done previously we consulted with our goalkeepers from our Women’s and Men’s teams over their preference on the colour variations.

“The design concept draws inspiration from the hustle and bustle of the Adelaide city centre, where we held the shoot at one of the most frequented pedestrian crossings on King William Street.

“UCAN have again been accommodating during this process and we’re very pleased with the end product.”

UCAN’s Global General Manager, Ally Zhao, said: “It was important to create something unique for the goalkeepers.

“The collaboration with Adelaide United was again extremely positive throughout and we believe the kits will be received well by fans.”

For Men’s home matches, the Club’s Major Partner, Flinders University, will appear on the front of shirt, while Platinum Partner Australian Outdoor Living will feature on the front of away matches.

Meanwhile, new Co-Major Partner, Kite, will be visible on the Women’s home and away jerseys, while Flinders University will appear on the back of the jersey.

The famous McDonald’s logo will continue to feature on the right sleeve for both competitions.