Stenta: We’re a much different side to earlier in the season

Liberty A-League Head Coach Adrian Stenta has acknowledged his side’s improved performances and expects a more competitive contest when they face Melbourne Victory on Sunday night. 

This match is part of the A-Leagues Pride Celebration this weekend  where Coopers Stadium will host the annual Pride Cup for both A-League Men’s and Women’s teams. 

Due to extreme heat conditions, the planned double header with Adelaide United’s Men’s team, has been changed. The Liberty A-League fixture will now take place on Sunday night at Coopers Stadium, with kick-off at 7:00pm ACDT.

Speaking to the media this morning at Coopers Stadium, Stenta suggested that while moving the fixture was unfortunate, it was ultimately the right decision for players and fans. 

He also discussed Adelaide United’s on-going commitment to promoting inclusivity, what he expects from the opposition and his team’s form ahead of the clash. 

Adrian Stenta on the A-League Women’s fixture change due to extreme heat: 

“I think it’s the right call. Players need the opportunity to enter a workplace that is safe for them. And also the spectators as well. I’ve sat in the stadium under the hot sun as a spectator myself. So I think the right call to move it to Sunday night was made.”

Adrian Stenta on the importance of the Pride Cup: 

“We’re a club that’s proud of what we do, in the way that we go about things and what we value and hold close to ourselves. We’re an inclusive club And I think it’s a great initiative. Because at the end of the day, it’s about being inclusive with all the individuals that we have that make up the club.” 

Adrian Stenta on what he expects from Melbourne Victory: 

“Usually, Jeff (Hopkins, Melbourne Victory’s Head Coach) sets his team up in a fairly similar way.

So we’re not really focusing on them too much. We were really disappointed with our round three game against them earlier in the season. It was a game where we felt like we weren’t that competitive. So we’re really focusing on ourselves and trying to make up for what was a disappointing performance.”

Adrian Stenta on his sides recent form:

“I think the group’s going well, I think we’re a much different side to when we played Victory earlier in the season. So I hope that’s what the fans and supporters see on the weekend. But I still feel like there’s a lot of improvement in the group and a long way to go, we are not happy with where we are. We’re not happy with the amount of games that we’ve been able to win this year. And so we know that we need to be better if we’re going to be a competitive force in this competition.

We’ve made it very clear that we want to pick up as many points as we possibly can. We want to try and finish as high up the ladder as we possibly can. And for me, it’s about finishing the season well, so we can carry some momentum forward with us.”

Match details:
Liberty A-League Round 19
Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory
Sunday, 10 March 2024, Kick-off: 7:00pm ACDT
Coopers Stadium