Survey says… Reds fans also ‘Here for the Game’

At the completion of the Isuzu UTE A-League 2021/22 season, the Office for Problem Gambling conducted a survey of Adelaide United’s loyal followers to gauge their views on sports betting.

The survey was completed following the Club’s November 2021 partnership announcement in conjunction with the State Government’s Department of Human Services.

Manager of the Office for Problem Gambling in South Australia, Rory Spreckley, said it was promising to see a large portion of United’s fans in support of the initiative, which will continue throughout the upcoming season.

“The results (from our survey) show the Adelaide United fan base recognise gambling is a growing issue in the community and they are proud to support a club that is taking the lead to say ‘no’ to sports betting sponsorship,” Spreckley explained.

Manager of the Office for Problem Gambling in South Australia, Rory Spreckley.

“It shows that Adelaide United puts the wellbeing of the South Australian football community first.

“While the high level of visibility of the campaign was a really positive aspect for us, the fact this was followed up by some form of action after seeing or hearing the campaign is what really excited us.

“It showed that people reflected on their own gambling or behaviour or that of someone close to them, which can be one of the first steps that drive change.

“Red’s fans will continue see Here for the Game messaging at every home game.

“Whilst the message isn’t changing for the 2022/23 season, we will have new ambassadors who will be revealed in the coming months.”

View the results of the survey below.