Veart: It was a complete change in our formation

Adelaide United have bounced back from a three-match losing streak with a comprehensive 3-1 victory over the Newcastle Jets at Coopers Stadium on Friday night.

It was an attacking display with United registering 31 shots, in a week where Head Coach Carl Veart challenged his team to be more potent in attack.

Hiroshi Ibusuki marked his return to the starting lineup by opening the scoring, before Zach Clough and Ben Halloran found the back of net in the second-half.

Speaking after the game, Veart discussed the improved performance, how the change in formation helped his side and how the team are preparing for Joe Gauci’s absence in January.

Carl Veart on the performance of his team Friday night:

“I think there were good patches in the game where we played some really good stuff. But there were still moments in the game where we just got a little bit sloppy. I think when you haven’t won in three games, had the three losses, that sort of plays in the back of the minds of the players. And I think in the end, the result is going to be a good boost for the playing group. Give them good confidence. And when we play the sort of football that we want to play and execute, we can play some really good stuff. And I think tonight we did at times.”

Carl Veart on changing his team’s structure for the match:

“It was a complete change in our formation. We just needed something a little bit different. When we’ve been playing the season with the wingers, at times they just weren’t causing enough trouble, getting good enough opportunities for us. Hiroshi and Luka worked well together. I think that’s the first time they’ve played together as two nines. It was good. Hiroshi, with the four midfielders, we’ve got five players there that are very comfortable on the ball and can maintain the ball. And I think that showed tonight in patches of our play.”

Carl Veart on the boosted United midfield:

“With the extra midfielders on the pitch, it just gave us that little bit more creativity, or that little bit more balance with the way that we wanted to play. When you’ve got Zach, Johnny Yull, Isaias and Tunners (Ryan Tunnicliffe) in there, they’re all very good on the ball and comfortable to take the ball in those tight areas. But as I said, I think at times we were a little bit sloppy. I suppose it’s been something that’s caused as a few issues over the course of the season so far. We just haven’t rewarded ourselves and finished off good play with goals.

Carl Veart on conceding in the 89th minute:

“You work so hard to get a clean sheet and it’s a big boost for the defensive unit to have that clean sheet. We just got maybe a little bit comfortable, and we switched off. When someone makes a mistake, it shouldn’t lead to a goal. We should still be able to cover that. But we just got a little bit comfortable and started playing the ball back and instead of keeping possession in there half of the pitch. We were trying to keep possession in our half of the pitch. So then that leaves you open for mistake that leads to goals”.

Carl Veart on Joe Gauci’s development:

“Joe has had a great season so far. And he’s made some great saves. And he keeps getting better with every match, because he’s still a very young goalkeeper. Goalkeepers normally start to get into their prime in their late 20s. Joe now is still only 22, 23 years of age. He’s had a lot of games. So, he’s just going to keep getting better.”

Carl Veart on the next few matches without Joe Gauci:

“I’m not too sure when we’re going to lose him to be honest. I haven’t had any contact of when he’s going to be gone but I believe we will definitely still have him for the Victory game. And then after that I think he will leave to go to their (Socceroos) training camp. James Delianov will then take over. James has been waiting for an opportunity for two, three years. He was our number one, so he’s a high quality goalkeeper. We’re very fortunate to have that replacement here.