Veart: We just have to fix the inconsistencies

Carl Veart has acknowledged his sides inconsistencies in recent performances and emphasised the need for hard work and belief to improve results.

Speaking to the media following his sides final training session before Friday’s clash with Perth Glory, Veart also addressed the clubs January transfers, Stefan Mauk’s impact and potential changes in tomorrow’s starting line-up.

Carl Veart on the Club’s activity in the transfer window:

I think everyone would have liked to have one or two more players come in. But at the end of the day, we just couldn’t find the players that we were looking for. And so we have to push on for the rest of the season. We’ve got the squad that we have and I think when we play at our best, we’re good enough. We just have to fix those inconsistencies that we’ve been having, especially over the last couple of months.

Carl Veart on Yaya Dukuly returning:

Yaya is a quality young player. And he’s been away in that different environment for the last 18 months. He’s developed his game a fair bit. He’s developed his mental toughness as well. So we’ll see a very different player that’s coming back, that knows what it’s like now and what he needs to do to get his game to that next level. He’ll come back and definitely provide us an attacking threat on that left hand side.

Carl Veart on Adelaide’s recent results: 

We’re normally winning a lot more games – at home especially. And that comes with football, when things aren’t going well for you, it sort of makes it difficult, you need to sometimes win an ugly game to give you that little bit of a boost to push on and get that belief back. We’ve just got to improve that inconsistency, and we have to work harder. I think the games that we have lost hasn’t been through the other team out playing us, it’s been more from our own effort. And we’ve had a few good, tough discussions with the group over the last couple of weeks and that will be reflected in the side that’s selected for tomorrow night.

Carl Veart on potential changes for this weeks starting line up:

We’ll go close to changing half the team. The performance last week just wasn’t at the level that it needed to be. And those players will miss out because of that. At the end of the day, the team has to work together and support each other. There’s only maybe one or two players in this last couple of months that could put their hand up and say they’ve had consistent performances. So my job is to pick the team that’s going to go out and win us the game and that’s what I’ve done for tomorrow.

Carl Veart on Stefan Mauk’s impact:

The experience and the leadership on and off the pitch, are the standards that Stef sets. And I think we saw that in that 30 minutes that he came on last week, the intensity of our team lifted. And that’s why we’ve bought Stefan in, and that’s what we’ve been lacking over the last few weeks. And tomorrow night I expect that intensity to be there, and Stef will set that standard and everyone will have to lift to it.