Vidosic keyed up for big 2012/13


If there was anyone questioning attacking midfielder Dario Vidosic’s commitment to Adelaide United and the season ahead, they had better think again.

If there was anyone questioning attacking midfielder Dario Vidosic-s commitment to Adelaide United and the season ahead, they had better think again.

Refreshed after the off season break, Vidosic has returned to Hindmarsh in excellent physical condition full of enthusiasm and determination to hit the track hard for the Reds- upcoming AFC Champions League and Hyundai A-League campaigns. Where Vidosic finds himself now is in contrast to where he was at the same time last year in which his first two or three months after starting his tenure at the Reds were disrupted by injury.

Vidosic-s first season in red had its ups and downs, much like the team, although five goals and five assists from 25 Hyundai A-League appearances is certainly not a poor return by any stretch. The issue that surrounded Vidosic which caused some commotion during the season was that towards the end of last year speculation was rife linking him to a move back to Brisbane and that his heart was not into playing for Adelaide United.

He may only be 25 but Vidosic has been around long enough to know rumblings of transfers, opinions and criticism is part of football. However, as he prepares for his second season at the club, the gifted and skilful number 10 wants to set the record straight on the Brisbane speculation among other matters.

Did you contemplate heading back to Brisbane and was it ever an option?
DV: Just before Christmas we (myself and the club) sat down and spoke about it. I asked if it was possible and to see where it all stood at the time, but I was told I was a required player at Adelaide and that was it, it didn-t go further than that. It was all basically left there. I understood and was happy to continue at Adelaide so it was never really an issue, but it was brought up because Brisbane is my home and with my dad being close at the Roar, but that-s all it was.

How did you see your first year here and how have you settled in to Adelaide life?
DV: I like Adelaide as a city. It-s great for relaxing and is very easy going, it has everything you need and I like where I-m living in West Lakes. I-m settled, I-m enjoying it and I feel comfortable and happy here which is the most important thing.

On the football field it all started a little bit funny. When I came I had a lot of little injury niggles which was frustrating and when I look back through last pre season, all up I think I played less than one game and couldn-t put a full 90 minutes together. That definitely made things more difficult because you-re always catching up and I felt a little bit off when I tried to sprint and in my sharpness.

Leading on from that, how different do you feel entering this pre season compared to the disrupted one you had last year?
DV: Even being only a couple of days into this pre season I already feel really good. I did a fair bit of work in the off season back in Brisbane. I-ve been in the gym and getting a good base ready and I-ve done a few sessions on my own, but unfortunately I got a little bit sick in the last week and took it easy, but it may also have been good to have that little bit of a rest because now we-re fully into it and so far so good.

The testing has been pretty good so far and I-m just looking forward to getting back on the ball and for me that-s when I-m happiest, when I-ve got a ball in between my feet and can play.”

Do you still think you-ve got your best football in front of you and is playing for the Socceroos still an aspiration?
DV: Last season I think there were glimpses of what I can do and this year touch wood if everything goes well in the pre season, I think with Taggy (Sean Tagg) we-ve got a really good strength and conditioning coach and everything has been planned out really well, so we-re going to be fit and it always helps when your fitness is at its peak and you-re ready to go. Everyone-s keen, excited, happy to be back and we understand that we need a base to build on and then it will be a matter of putting the final pieces together, but like I said I just can-t wait to get on the ball. The Socceroos is still definitely a goal but at the moment I-m just taking things day by day and trying to keep getting better.

How big is the ACL quarter final stage to the players?
DV: Hopefully Hindmarsh will be a sell out, everyone can get out and support us because we need the fans there, we need the fans- help, they-re a fantastic crowd and they-ve helped us out a lot so far, so hopefully they come out in force again.

Finally, Adelaide United and Hindmarsh, are you happy here?
DV: I-m more than happy. Like I said I can-t wait to start again. If you could fast forward the pre season and go straight to the games I-d push the button and be fast forwarding it because I can-t wait to get out there and play again in a red shirt. You want to push yourself and if we can all push each other as a squad and help each other through every aspect of training I-ve got no doubt we-ll be a very good team. I can-t wait for September 19, that-s when it all starts.