Win in Brisbane not out of the question


Tarek Elrich is confident the Reds are ready for the challenge of travelling to play league leaders Brisbane Roar on Saturday evening.

Tarek Elrich is confident the Reds are ready for the challenge of travelling to play league leaders Brisbane Roar on Saturday evening.

Heading to the Queensland capital without some key names, Elrich believes the fact the Roar like to playa a similar style means it looms as another enticing tussle.

“Brisbane-s a quality side. In saying that, I think it suits us that they do try to play good football, we’re the same and it-s a good spectacle,” Elrich said.

“Last time we played here both of us put on a good show, we both played good football and when you’ve got teams that play good football, there-s always opportunities down each end. It-s an entertaining game and we-re looking forward to the challenge.”

“The coach has reminded us that it-s 11v11 and it-s about who-s more hungry on the day and we-re looking to continue playing the way we-ve been playing and hopefully get a good result over there.”

Adelaide last played Brisbane in round nine and was arguably unlucky in a 2-1 loss.

“Last time we played them here at home we were a bit unlucky and I think the boys are still hurting from that so we-ve got to go out there and prove that we can match it with the best,” Elrich said.

While it will be difficult to replace the likes of Marcelo Carrusca, Bruce Djite and Sergio Cirio among others, Elrich acknowledged that the young less experienced players would help the club cope with the injuries.

“That-s why we-ve got a youth league, to give these young guys an opportunity and give them a crack,” Elrich said.

“The youth team play a very similar style to us so the guys that do come in understand the way we want to play. It-s a big stage but why not playing against the best in the league.”

As the Reds approach the halfway mark of the season, Elrich said that the club is optimistic looking forward.

“We-re looking at it in thirds and I think the second third is very important for us,” Elrich said.

“I think the first third of the season we were playing good football but the results weren-t going our way but we are pretty confident and we are playing good football and hopefully in this second third we can get as many wins as we can and capitalise more on the home games that we-ve got. After Brisbane we-ve got two more at home so we-ve got to make the most of them.”

On a personal note, Elrich is enjoying his time in Adelaide and is looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead of him at the Reds.

“I-m enjoying Adelaide, obviously playing consistent football was the number one thing on my list,” Elrich said having started every game of the season so far bar the opening round.

“Adelaide-s a great town and I always enjoy myself as a player when I come here. On a personal note I-ve been enjoying it and getting more and more confident every week which helps when you-ve got quality players around you.”