Best Galekovic memory


Ahead of his 150th game, we wanted to hear your best Eugene Galekovic memory in between the posts. Here is what has come back. Thanks to everyone for their comments and highlights.

Eugene Galekovic – Hyundai A-League Appearances (clean sheets)
Melbourne Victory 15 (4)
Adelaide United FC 134 (36)

Ahead of his 150th game, we wanted to hear your best memory of Eugene in between the posts. Here is what has come back. Thanks to everyone for their comments and highlights.

Will Smith – His double save from a penalty against Wellington. So goood.

William Chambers – That save against Perth Glory a couple of years ago. Still up there with one of the best saves I have ever seen.

Michael Brooks – Double penalty save against Wellington.

Manolito Verdonk – Only been here just over a year, so I would say the penalty save against wellington in the 90+ min at hindmarsh this season.

Marty De Weerd – The Nagoya save at the North end.

Timothy Edwards – Two saves spring to mind. 2008 ACL quarterfinal 2nd leg versus kashima antlers when he dived to his left to palm away a certain goal in the first half.

The boxing day clash against Perth glory in Perth in 2008. Adelaide leading 1-0 deep into stoppage time and Perth trying to equalize. Cross came in and Jamie Harnwell heads the ball low and hard to the right corner of the goalpost yet somehow Galekovic dives left and puts out his left hand just to push the ball out of play. That to me was his best ever save and moment – won us the game.

Queens Park Rangers – At Etihad when Harry Kewell tried to chip Eugene from half way when off his line. What a fantastic recovery and brilliant flick away from a certain goal.

Mark Coleman – Awesome, some of the god knows how many killer saves in the last acl

Tom Beech – His celebration with the Red Army when we equalised in the final seconds of stoppage time against Jeonbuk Motors in the ACL rd of 16 after he came up to join the attack from a corner.

Josie Watson – My son simply asked for a signed ball from Eugene for his 6th birthday. Instead he got to walk out onto the pitch of Hindmarsh holding Eugene’s hand. The grin of that evening has only ever been surpassed when Eugene gave him his shirt at the Adelaide Oval game and his captains armband at the Sydney game. The man is my sons hero and always will be, his bedroom is adorned with photos of them together. Eugene has made my sons dreams come true and will always be a great man in my eyes for doing that. Thanks Eugene.

Christian Sanders – Way too many to try to put in order. Can you imagine how insane his highlight reel would be;-)

Jerome Sletvold – You don-t see many class double saves like Eugene’s.

Adam Bruhns – All of them.

Corey Barber – Way too many saves. He makes 80 to 100 a year. If only we forced a penalty shootout vs bunyodkor. I want to see him against Brazil, Argentina and Spain at the World Cup.

Marcin Prokopiak – The same he made against Nagoya Grampus was pretty amazing. Thats the one that comes to mind first. But he has made such a huge number of amazing saves, its really tough to pick just one!

Adam Daniel John Thompson – The awesome double save at the ACL.

Daniel K Steer – Penalty save and rebound a few months back v wellington!!!

Adam Cosi – Such a humble bloke, the double save against Wellington was possibly the best live save I’ve ever seen!

Leigh Dunk – He’s been a gun since he’s replaced Beltrame. He was number 2 for Melbourne and since we signed him he’s gone to World Cup 2010 and a ACL grand final. The one “save” I give goes to Adelaide untied for saving him from the bench!

Daniel Zaknic – The Neo from the Matrix like saves against Nagoya. Rocking backwards to tip the ball around the post.