Carrusca: We are working hard to win


Marcelo Carrusca believes this weekend’s game against the Central Coast Mariners will be the one when the Reds manage to claim a much needed win.

Midfielder Marcelo Carrusca believes this weekend-s game against the Central Coast Mariners will be the one when the Reds manage to claim a much needed win.

Carrusca told the media after training on Thursday that the club needs a positive result.

“We are working very hard to win and this week will be the day…we must win the next game,” Carrusca said.

After a run of disappointing result, Carrusca acknowledges the team is working hard to start turning their positive performances into points.

“The players put all the effort [in] and I-m very happy for that but of course we are sad because we cannot win,” Carrusca said.

“We are working hard. We try to improve. We try to remove the mistakes. The result will come.”

“We are doing good things. But it-s true, when you don-t win and you lose, you feel bad.

The Argentine wizard was quick to share his faith in the Reds- playing group.

“I believe in this team,” Carrusca said.

“We are building something that is new for everyone, for the team, for the club, and we need time… we need to win for everyone – for the coach, for the players, for the family, for the fans, for everyone.”

On an individual note, Carrusca agrees that he is enjoying the best period of his time in the Hyundai A-League but at the same time says if given the choice, he would much prefer team success.

“I feel very good. I feel this is my best couple of months in Adelaide but it doesn-t matter because the team is not winning… I prefer to play bad and the team wins,” Carrusca said.

Despite being in just his second season, the 30 year old has proved to be up there with the best imports the league has seen. Come Saturday, Carrusca will go head to head with fellow Argentinean playmaker Marcos Flores, the Mariners- number 10 once a favourite amongst the Reds faithful.

While the rich football talent possessed by both Flores and Carrusca will be worth the price of admission in itself on Saturday, Carrusca refutes any suggestion that the result hinges on the performances of him and his opposite number.

“Flores is a good player and I-m learning from good players but it is a team game and we play 11v11…one player doesn-t change anything,” Carrusca said.

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