Grassroots: A heat cream that is compatible with tape


The good folks at RockTape have an exciting new product for grassroots footballers who like to use heat cream and strapping tape.

Key Features:

  • RockSauce is a unique heat cream that has been specially formulated to work with RockTape, or in fact any tape, including rigid tape.  This is a game changer for all sports trainers and athletes who like to use heat creams but also need to use tape.  The water based formula of RockSauce means that any tape can be applied directly over the area it has been used WITHOUT CLEANING THE SKIN!
  • RockSauce comes in a super-convenient roll-on bottle.  This means that you don’t have to even touch the cream when you apply it.  This reduces the likelihood of later touching your eyes and getting the burn where you don’t want it! 


  • RockSauce is also an extremely powerful heat cream, with the active ingredients of methyl salicylate, menthol and capsaicin.  How hot?  Certainly hot enough to get you through an Adelaide winter!  It might just blow your socks off!
  • And as an added bonus RockSauce can also be applied ON TOP of your RockTape application.  That’s right, you can re-charge the heat as many times as you like whilst your RockTape is in place.  So effectively you can make your own heat patches.  Awesome right?

RockSauce is available from the online shop at www.rocktape.com.au  as well as selected retail outlets.  Do yourself a favour and get some RockSauce this winter.