Hall reflects on grandfather’s service ahead of Anzac Day

Steven Hall spoke to media after training on Thursday, reflecting on his own connection to the Anzac Day commemorations and to his experiences this season with the first team.

His connection to the Anzac Day game:

“My grandfather was in the Vietnam War, so, that’s my connection (to Anzac Day).

“I’m really proud to be out there for the Anzac Day game, not only for the people still serving today but also the ones that sacrificed their lives.”

“My family is always at every game, but this one especially because it means a lot to them as well.

“They’ll be out there supporting not only me, but the team as well.”

First team experiences:

“It’s been a great experience. I couldn’t ask for more with the opportunities that have come to me.

“I’ve been taking it step by step and it’s been brilliant and I’m really enjoying it.

“Five years ago, I was in the stands watching all of them play (Adelaide United teammates) and now I can say that I’m their teammate.

“Eugene (Galekovic) is such a great coach and learning off him, but also Joe (Gauci), James (Delianov) and Ethan (Cox), has been great.”

Reflecting on his debut:

It was the Wellington game when James (Delianov) went down and there were nerves there, but I think it was more just the shock of realising that it was happening and that I was coming on.

“My nerves have settled down a lot and I settle them by saying to myself that there’s no pressure.

“I’m just playing my game.

“It was a great experience and it was great to have the fans behind my every touch, every save, cheering me on.”

Three points this weekend:

“It’s a massive game for us to get into the top six and with our last three games being at home it’s even better.

“But we just need to take each game one by one and focus on this one and we’ll come away with three points.”