Izzy’s Index: We won’t give in

Our backs are a little against the wall now without a win for 2023, but it’s times like these when I call on the squad to show our character.

It’s definitely not a ‘give-up’ moment and we know we’ll have to be up for the fight to get back into the top four and a finals position.

Anything is possible.

There are some positive signs in our recent run games in terms of us finding that early goal, but we need to be clinical and consolidate.

Even though we were winning in the first half against Melbourne Victory, it certainly wasn’t our best 45 minutes of football and that’s on us.

In the same breath, the girls and I were thrilled for Fi (Fiona Worts) who was able to get on the scoresheet for the first time this season, and I’m sure the floodgates will now open for her.

To see Sasha (Coorey) and Katie (Bowler) with some further minutes off the bench is exciting for us as players, and our fans.

I’ve spoken before about their natural positivity to go forward, and they give their all in training and on the pitch.

It’s a joy to watch the next generation and they, like anyone in the team, can be starters.

Last Saturday’s kick-off also meant that we were able to squeeze in two gym sessions to start the week at Gameready Performance.

It’s a normal routine for us in that we can book a room and together go through the recording of the previous game and refine preparations for the next one.

After we reviewed the Victory match, we entered the gym where a lot of people were lifting heavy and moving some weights around to get some frustration out.

Looking ahead to Sunday and we’ve got a score to settle with Melbourne City after late goals in our last meeting punished us.

Even though we were down a goal for the majority of that first game, we were still pushing and running really hard until the end, and it was actually one of our better performances despite the scoreline.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves, play some improved football and start getting those results again.

My hope is that the true character of this group will start shining through.