La Rocca loving life in all red


Adelaide United defender, Iacopo La Rocca, says he is loving his new life in South Australia following his move to the Reds from Western Sydney Wanderers.

After moving from Western Sydney Wanderers, Iacopo La Rocca says he loves his new life in South Australia, describing Adelaide as a quiet, yet beautiful city to live.

“Adelaide is a nice city,” La Rocca said.

“It’s very quiet especially compared to Sydney, where I was before, but it’s gorgeous.

“There’s a big difference between Sydney and Adelaide, but I’m really enjoying myself here and I am living in a beautiful place with my family.”

Looking back prior to arriving at the club, La Rocca explained how he was told by fellow United defender, Tarek Elrich, of the quality of the Reds squad and our new No. 3 wasn’t left disappointed upon his first training session.

La Rocca added that he believes his new teammates are so strong of a team that they could definitely push for trophies this season, clearly unable to find a reason why United couldn’t compete with the best.

“Just before I came here, Tarek told me about how good our players are and now that I’m here I can see that,” he continued.

“This group is very close together and this is a very important thing for us if we want to achieve something big this season.

“Before I signed, I was thinking about the type of football that Adelaide United plays and it’s something I wanted to be part of.

“The way we play makes me happy and I honestly think we are one of the best teams in the A-League, playing for the Championship.

“And this is why we play football – to win things. This season, there is no reason why we can’t win something.

“Last year the team won the FFA Cup and I think, this season, us along with the two Melbourne teams (Victory and City) and maybe Sydney FC will be challenging for the A-League title.”

Yet, according to La Rocca, one of the key factors in the Reds’ push for trophies this season is the support the squad receives from the Untied fans, highlighting a solid membership base as a fundamental aspect of it.

“Our fans are very important to us,” La Rocca said. “Before the referee blows the whistle every match you are thinking about the (job ahead of you), but you can still hear the fans.

“If you’re winning and you’re playing at home, you can feel that they are with you. The fans sing for you and give you the energy to keep going, this is a very valuable thing.

“But it’s even more powerful when the stadium is full.

“The more members and the fuller the stadium is, the more you feel it and the more you can intimidate the opponent as well.

“We need our fans because they have the power to make everything easier for us.”

Adelaide United will play local FFSA NPL club, Adelaide Comets, at the SA Athletics Stadium on Thursday 10 September 2015. Kick-off is at 8.00pm. 

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