Match Programme Feature Preview – Round 5 #ADLvCCM


James Holland is featured in our ADLUNITE match programme for Round 5 against the Central Coast Mariners!

Adelaide United vs Central Coast Mariners ADLvCCM Round 5 2016/17 season tickets

Eyes on the prize

The central midfielder plays an instrumental role no matter what team they are representing in the game of football. They are the vital cog in a well-oiled machine, the conductor in an orchestra. It is a position which requires stamina, discipline, determination, and creativity.

Quite often the performance of the team can be judged by how competent the central midfielders are functioning. They carry the responsibility of linking the defence to the attack, maintaining the balance in the side and controlling the tempo of proceedings.

When the midfield, as a collective unit, endures a bad day at the office it is symptomatic that the team will suffer as a result – unless of course a moment of individual brilliance from a teammate bails the squad out.

Fortunately for Adelaide United, James Holland’s versatility enables him to operate as either a number six or number eight. The midfielder’s flexibility on the field means he can provide the necessary protection in front of the back four when defending, while alternatively driving forward and adding himself to the attack as a box-to-box midfielder, depending on the circumstance.

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