Meet our 2016/17 Members – Tracey Smallwood


With Adelaide United Memberships for the 2016/17 season now on sale, we’re highlighting some of the first Reds fans to sign up!

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What kind of membership are you signing up for in the 2016/17 season?
A couple of Thursday mornings ago I signed up for a Red Full-Season membership with Adelaide United.

When did you start supporting AUFC?
I have been a long time supporter of the Reds. I supported Adelaide City then they all came together under Adelaide United and I have followed them since the beginning and I always watched the games at home. When I moved to New South Wales in 2000 I had Austar as it was called then to watch my Adelaide Crows and to also watch the Reds.

What made you fall in love with the club and what made you become a member?
I always loved the “never say die” attitude of the Reds. No matter what the situation was, the boys always give it their best. Being a true South Australian, even when I lived interstate, I always followed what was happening in SA sport. I love my State and with Adelaide United being South Australian that is enough for me. 

What is your favourite memory from a Reds match?
Watching the Grand Final on TV and looking at the crowd… I never thought I would see the Adelaide Oval packed for a football final. It really blew me away and I could feel the energy from everyone in the stands, hearing all the support from the fans. The third goal was beautiful – the sealer – and the Reds had won the Championship. Life doesn’t get much better than that, other than the Crows winning the AFL Grand Final, of course. 

What are you looking forward to most ahead of our new season?
Well, I’ve never been to a game. So, going to my first match at Coopers and feeling the energy I have heard so much about is what I’m looking forward to the most. Just to experience it for myself and soak it up that is what I’m really looking forward to and I can’t wait for it!

If you could say anything to a Reds fan who is thinking of becoming a member, but hasn’t yet, what would you say?
I sat on the side-lines watching the Adelaide United games on TV for years, but half-way through the season my friends and I discussed joining the Reds’ family. So we did. People need to remember, this is our state and the Reds are our team, so get behind them!

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