Member Q and A – Gaby Lipscomb


We truly believe we have some of the best fans in the country, just like Gaby who, despite living in New South Wales, is a Red through and through!

When did you start supporting AUFC? 
I am a newbie, I started supporting AUFC in 2014/15, but when I support a team, I give it my full effort. Oddly enough I started out with Sydney FC but I much prefer the playing style and approachability of United so I am 100 per cent Reds now.

What made you fall in love with the club and what made you become a member?
I remember seeing Josep Gombau interacting with young fans in Sydney in 2014 and was mightily impressed and I remember seeing the players interacting with the away fans and thinking I like this club. Also, I might be from NSW, but I have always loved Adelaide and SA. Have done a lot of travelling in SA and find it to be the friendliest state. Love the playing style of the team too. 

How long have you been a member of AUFC?
Again, I am a newbie, but I joined the club as soon as I started supporting AUFC, so that makes it two years. I am looking at upgrading my membership now that I can travel more. The club has me for life. I really like seeing news of the Lady Reds and Youth teams and the club’s interaction with the community.

What has made you continue your membership?
I value loyalty and would like to think I am loyal. Even when things change, you have to be open to that and look at the big picture. I always believe in taking the rough with the smooth. I also love the sense of community I get from supporting AUFC.

What is your favourite memory from a Reds match?
It has to be Sydney FC v Adelaide. These games are always memorable for one thing or another. Eugene’s nine saves are up there, Bruce’s bicycle kick in the 2014 FFA cup. I always love the niggle of these games too; just ready to explode such is the passion. 

Where do you enjoy our matches from?
At the moment I try to get to games in Sydney, Newcastle, and Gosford. It involves driving for me as I live in the Western Blue Mountains. I am going to do my best to get to the best stadium in Australia, Coopers, and of course I want to go watch a match versus Victory. Don’t mind shouting my head off and not acting my age at all.

Who is your favourite player form our current squad?
Like everyone of course but it would be Eugene. Eugene shows great leadership skills, and considering the various languages in the team, this is a real talent. Also always sticks up for his team mates and will take a card for the team. Obviously his skill in goals is on show every week (though the home game against Newcastle he could probably have made a cup of tea or cleaned the crossbar)!

Who is your all-time favourite Reds player?
Marcelo Carrusca. Marcelo initiates marvellous passages of play and the finesse he shows with his footwork is a joy to watch. He is a real playmaker and when he is on fire other teams need to watch out.    

Which non-AUFC, but A-League, player do you secretly admire?
Pantomime villain Berisha – a real character.

If you could choose any footballer, past or present, to play for AUFC, whom would you choose and why?
Gianluigi Buffon. Always a fan of the goalkeepers. He is all class and a real leader, plus a pretty good ‘keeper as well.   

If you could say anything to a Reds fan who is thinking of becoming a member, but hasn’t yet, what would you say?
Just do it. Become part of our football family, feel ownership of the teams and the great pride that comes with it. Lots of wonderful benefits for little outlay. Go Reds!

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