Bruce Djite on More Than Football podcast


The More Than Football podcast, the official Adelaide United podcast thanks to Triple M, is back for the 2019/20 season with Director of Football, Bruce Djite opening up about his new role at the Club.

This season we plan to welcome more guests, more players and more personalities from the world of Adelaide United giving a unique insight to life on and off the pitch and in and around the Club starting with the with the Reds’ all-time leading goal-scorer.

Here is a snippet from part one of our perceptive chat, as Bruce provides some insight into the process of signing a player.

“It depends on who we’re signing and pretty much where they come from,” Djite explains.

“So earlier on in the piece when we were concentrating more on our foreign players, speaking to Kristian Opseth’s agent who’s in Norway, Michaël Maria’s (agent) who’s in Holland.

“I’m getting calls at 2 and 3am because over there it’s lunch time for them… So the hours are pretty long. I won’t stay non-stop, but the hours are pretty long which is fine, I don’t mind, I like being busy.

“So a lot happens before the signing. I’d assume people understand it, maybe they don’t.

“But before the public knows of a signing or anything gets released there would be anywhere from two to six weeks of work that has probably gone into it.

“So from initial contact whether we contact the agents or an agent is putting players to us – which happens all the time.”

More Than Football, as the name suggests, is a podcast that goes beyond the game giving listeners a chance to get to know Adelaide United’s past and present players outside of football.

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