Our Mo Bro, Chelo


With Australian men, countrywide, readying themselves and their upper lips for the long and arduous task of growing a thick and luscious moustache this Movember, our very own Marcelo Carrusca has raised his hand to be Adelaide United’s proud ambassador for this incredible cause.

This weekend, the Hyundai A-League will host what has been labelled ‘Movember Round’, encouraging Australian football fans to embrace the ‘stache and to allow their full Mo Bro-ness to elegantly sway in the wind for 30 days.

The Movember Foundation’s mission to change the face of men’s health aligns perfectly with the Hyundai A-League’s unique position to highlight and educate health issues to the wider community. 

Since Movember’s inception in 2003, almost five million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have supported the moustache and men’s health, raising $685 million for 1,000 men’s health programmes in more than 20 countries worldwide.

In the spirit of the cause, Carrusca expressed how excited he was to participate in Movember, explaining whose moustache his will eventually look like, who in the footballing world has had the best moustache, and which of his teammates would truly battle to grow a mo.

“My style of moustache will be like Charlie Chaplin because I like him and will try and copy him, but also because I can’t grow much of a mo! But Chaplin is probably the man I think of first when thinking about moustache. His is really iconic.

“In the world of football, though, perhaps the footballer with the best moustache that I have seen is the Colombian, Carlos Valderrama, who had a great mo and probably better hair.

“When it comes to our team, though, Jimmy Jeggo would easily be the one to struggle growing a mo the most!”

Movember Foundation’s Executive Director, Paul Villanti, said all Aussies can help change the face of men’s health by committing to grow or support the moustache for the 30 days of Movember.

“The Movember moustache acts as a hairy billboard for men’s health, encouraging blokes to get talking and taking action when it comes to their well-being,” said Villanti.

To donate to Chelo’s Movember fundraising cause, click here

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