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Adelaide United is proud to help support a unique Veolia initiative, offering 50 per cent off United playing kits for fans.

ADLvWEL Round 12

With the retail world preparing for a Boxing Day sales frenzy, a Veolia-led initiative is giving Reds fans the chance to take advantage of a special offer on United playing shirts, whilst also giving back to the less fortunate with an Adelaide United jersey swap. 

The basis of this collection is to allow Reds fans the chance to swap their old United shirts and receive 50 per cent off a brand new Adelaide United 2015/16 playing shirt at the Boxing Day match at Coopers Stadium between United and Wellington Phoenix. 

Thanks to Veolia, supporters have the opportunity to purchase Adult 2015/16 playing shirts for $55, Junior 2015/16 playing shirts for $40, and Toddler 2015/16 playing shirts for $32.50. 

Having been a valued major partner of the Reds since the start of the Hyundai A-League 2013/14 season, Veolia will also continue their support of the club throughout the 2016/17 campaign, making them one of United’s longest associated major partners.

This initiative will join Adelaide United, Veolia, and Barefoot to Boots with all donated shirts going directly to the foundation, which supports African refugee camps by providing them with football gear in an attempt to improve their health and safety when playing the world’s game.


Barefoot to Boots is an Australian initiative that was partly established by former Red, Awer Mabil, who will also be attending the Boxing Day clash at Coopers. 

One of the other founders of the foundation, current United star, Osama Malik, praised Veolia’s initiative and urged Reds fans to take advantage of the offer and do their part for the cause. 

“We’re wanting to go back over to Kakuma (Refugee Camp, where Barefoot to Boots focuses its efforts) in June or July next year so to have Veolia’s support is huge for us. 

“Obviously we’re trying to get as much gear as we can to take over there and I’m sure the young boys and girls over there will be really appreciative. 

“Having so much gear and clothing is definitely something we take for granted here in Australia. 

“In Kakuma, they don’t have access to the types of things that we have. So when we went over earlier this year, to see their faces light up when we gave something as simple as a shirt or a pair of socks and boots, to be honest, it was life changing. 

“We’re really hoping to have a Barefoot to Boots round, not just here in Adelaide, but across the A-League, later this season to try and get as much support from the public as we can.” 

Mabil also encouraged fans to donate if possible, saying: “While I’m here, in Adelaide, because of the break in the Danish league, it’s really good to be taking the time to do this sort of thing. 

“We want to keep Barefoot to Boots going because of how important this cause is to me. 

“Football isn’t the only thing in my life and I want to give back where I can and help others.

“If people can support the cause it would be great because the more shirts the better and it will make a big difference to the lives of a lot of people.”

This offer applies to all Adelaide United playing kits prior to the Reds’ 2013/14 playing shirts, whilst stocks last, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

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