Reds to partner with Lumin Wellbeing

Reds to partner with Lumin Wellbeing

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Adelaide United is excited to announce it has aligned with Lumin Wellbeing as the Club’s Official Wellbeing Partner for the next two years. 

Founded in Adelaide in 2018, Lumin Wellbeing, a new brand of successful sports technology company, Lumin Sports, is revolutionising athlete and workplace wellbeing, giving access to innovative methods of wellness data collection and visualisation.

Lumin’s Phila Athlete Wellbeing and Arc Data Visualisation platforms have been used in World Tour Cycling, Olympic Sports Institutes, and the AFL since 2018, and will now provide Adelaide United’s A-League, Westfield W-League, youth teams, and broader staff with state-of-the-art wellness tracking and, subsequently, aid in the improvement of athlete and employee performances.

Speaking on the announcement, Adelaide United Sport Scientist, Stuart Gollan, said: “Partnering with Lumin Wellbeing is an exciting step forward for the Club. 

“This partnership will allow us to interpret wellbeing data with much more clarity through Lumin Wellbeing’s streamlined ARC platform in particular and, in turn, enable us to make more informed and improved decisions related to health management.”

Adelaide United Global Commercial Director, Adam Thomson, said: “We have been speaking with Lumin for some time about their services and how they can benefit our players right throughout the Club and we are thrilled to be partnering with them. 

“To now have the ability to delve deeper into player welfare and performance with greater precision, our football departments at men’s, women’s, and youth level can take their understandings of athlete wellbeing to a much higher standard.

“Through our collaboration, there are also strong opportunities for Lumin Wellbeing’s future growth into the overseas market through our sister club, Qingdao Red Lions. 

“And to provide both our football staff and administration staff with the same tools of wellness tracking, Lumin Wellbeing are going to aid in Adelaide United being an even happier and healthier workplace.”  

Lumin Wellbeing Chief Executive Officer, Ben Tripodi, said: “We are very excited to launch our new workplace wellbeing brand Lumin Wellbeing with the Adelaide United Football Club. 

“Athletes all around the world have been using our sports platform for many years and I am so pleased that the team’s support staff can now benefit from the same tools that athletes have had access to.

“Professional athletes are the most self-aware and wellbeing conscious people on the planet which allows them to succeed on game day. 

“Lumin Wellbeing is extremely passionate to deliver the tools and educate employees to experience the same level of self-awareness and understanding of the importance of wellbeing, to not only perform better in their careers, but so that they can perform better in all aspects of their daily lives.” 

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