Reds reaffirm they’re ‘Here For The Game’

Adelaide United’s senior men’s squad participated in a ‘Here for the Game’ sports betting awareness and education program at the VALO Training Centre earlier this week.

Following the Club’s announcement in November 2021, of the partnership with the State Government’s Department of Human Services aimed at tackling issues related to gambling harm, Carl Veart’s squad were taken through an informative and eye-opening seminar.

Here for the Game is an awareness and education program designed to reinforce the positive aspects of sport without gambling, such as the matchday experience, atmosphere, and sense of community.

Manager of the Office for Problem Gambling in South Australia, Rory Spreckley, said it was critical to challenge the normalisation of sports betting given it was the fastest-growing form of gambling in the state.

“By reinforcing the positive aspects of sport without gambling and reminding fans of the real reasons they love it in the first place, it’s a crucial way we can break the desensitisation that has occurred when it comes to gambling on sports and the serious impacts it can have,” he said.

Manager of the Office for Problem Gambling in South Australia, Rory Spreckley.

“At the same time, we are raising awareness and educating the community and players about the risks attached to sports betting and ways to keep themselves safe.

“As role models, Adelaide United’s players can influence fans, including by showing them that the value of sport lies in its celebration of talent and skill, teamwork, respect, and health and wellbeing.

Adelaide United Captain, Craig Goodwin, said: “The messaging that comes from the ‘Here for the Game’ initiative is vital for all our supporters, but, most importantly, for our young fans.

“Growing up all I wanted was to see Adelaide United win games because I love the club and want to share the success with my family, friends, and community.

Adelaide United Captain, Craig Goodwin.

“That passion should remain in the stands and not filter its way into sports betting.

“We’re proud to be partnered with the State Government for this initiative and I know our squad got a lot out of this awareness and education session.”

For more information about Here for the Game, plus resources including a guide on how to talk to children about gambling, visit the website at www.hereforthegame.com.au.