Stenta: “We’re pleased with the progress we’ve made”

Adelaide United head coach Adrian Stenta spoke to the media ahead of Sunday’s match against Central Coast Mariners.

Stenta’s reaction to the Grace Wilson announcement:

“It’s something that Grace had discussed with the club, and they really wanted to ensure that making an announcement like this would be best for them, as well as for the club and the team. We’re fully supportive of Grace. Throughout our journey, we’ve demonstrated that we’re a very supportive and inclusive Football Club, encompassing everyone in our Football Department, as well as our community, fan base, and support groups. We were completely behind their approach and shared what is truly a significant moment in their life and career.”

Stenta’s remarks on the team’s recent positive form:

“We feel like we’ve been performing well for almost a couple of months now and just needed a few things to go our way to start achieving some results. So it’s essentially a reward for the effort we’ve been putting in. We’ve managed to improve the squad’s fitness level and achieve a bit more consistency in terms of player selection. We’re pleased with the progress we’ve made over the past couple of months, which has resulted in a few positive outcomes.”

Stenta’s thoughts on building on the draw at Melbourne City:

“I believe it boosts the confidence of the group and demonstrates that we can compete with any team in the league. Our best performance is sufficient. Our main challenge this year has been consistency and the ability to replicate our performance week after week and throughout the entire 90 minutes. We feel we’re in a good place with that.”

Stenta’s comments on Emily Condon nearing 100 games for the club:

“Emily is an outstanding player. We’ve never had a player reach 100 games for our women’s team before. If she’s selected and manages to take the field on Sunday, it would be fantastic to see her reach the 100-game milestone. She has been a tremendous asset to our club and a remarkable role model for some of our younger players, despite still being relatively young herself. I can’t speak highly enough of Emily—her professionalism, her approach, and the positive impact she brings to our team when she’s performing at her peak.”