The Easter Eggs planted in our Commercial announcements

Did you notice the home kit Easter Eggs in our Commercial announcements?

It is entirely possible you missed all three of the Easter Eggs planted in each of the most recent commercial announcement videos.

Starting with Kite, and then Flinders University and later finishing with McDonald’s; each video included a glimpse of the new jersey, but only for a fleeting moment.

Blink and you definitely missed it. If you did not blink, chances are you still missed it.

So where exactly are they? Well continue reading as we reveal precisely where the stunning, new Adelaide United 2022/23 home kit was teased.

But before we begin, some of you may be wondering what exactly is an Easter Egg, and no we’re not referring to the chocolate eggs.

Basically, it is a cinematic technique which may include a message, image, inside joke or feature, hidden in plain sight in a film, video, or other digital medium.

Hidden in plain sight, Easter Eggs are bits of information and/or references to content that are rewards for eagle-eyed viewers. These often appear in movies and can refer to other pieces of content or future content that is yet to be released. 


As Nanako Sasaki and Emily Hodgson dribble through the footpaths of the exquisite Hamilton Hill development, the home jersey is subtly placed against the fence of one of the houses. Emily controls the ball from Nanako and as it is her turn to dribble the shirt is visible for a millisecond. It is well hidden but a perceptive eye might have picked up on it.

Flinders University

Perhaps the most obvious Easter Egg once you realise it. If you cast your eyes to the Southern Stand of Coopers Stadium beyond Dylan Holmes and Ben Halloran, you will see two scarlet red shirts draped over the fence.


As Ryan Kitto and Craig Goodwin enter McDonald’s looking to order a three-year deal, someone almost out of shot is wearing the new jersey. It is only for a brief second, but once you notice it there is no going back.

These were more than just partnership announcements, but a shrewd way of having a bit of fun and subtly integrating our new home jersey into each video, ahead of the official kit launch on Friday.