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This was a letter from Chief Executive Officer, Nathan Kosmina, sent to all members to Unite With Us.

If members did not receive an email, please contact the Club via email: membership@aufc.com.au  or phone (08) 8340 3000.


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Our members have been the heart of Adelaide United for the nearly two decades of our existence. Whilst the impact of COVID-19 has meant that we’ve recently spent time apart, we’re excited that football has now returned with the boys defeating Brisbane Roar 1-0 last Sunday night in Carl Veart’s inaugural match as our Interim Head Coach.

As you would be aware, Football Federation Australia (FFA) has decided that following our game in Queensland, the remainder of our Hyundai A-League 2019/20 regular season will be played in New South Wales, away from our beloved Coopers Stadium. The team travelled to Sydney earlier this week and will be based there until at least Tuesday, 11 August 2020 when we meet Melbourne City in our final regular season game. Regrettably, this means that neither of our two remaining home games will be played in South Australia.

Despite the welcomed recommencement of football, it remains a challenging time for the Club from both a strategic and financial perspective which will likely extend beyond this window of matches. The economic impact of COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on Adelaide United.

Accordingly, there has never been a more pivotal time in our history nor a greater necessity for the support of our members. We need to truly be United to endure the financial challenges presented and to ensure the long-term sustainability of our Club.
Our Adelaide United family are a proud, resilient and passionate group which is the cornerstone of what makes us, and our state, unique. The support to date during the pandemic from our members, fans and loyal sponsors has been terrific and humbling.

Your patience has been immensely appreciated whilst waiting for further information from the Club on the changes to our membership arrangements in response to the cancellation of our last two home games at Coopers Stadium by FFA. We are now pleased to announce that our Member Services team have developed a Unite With Us opportunity in which eligible members will receive a variety of benefits, acknowledging your loyalty and commitment, in substitution for the two home games that will now be played in New South Wales.

We appreciate that the Unite With Us option may not be suitable for all of our members given everyone’s personal circumstances are different. If this is the case, our staff are here to support you as we together navigate these challenging times so please contact our Member Services team via membership@aufc.com.au to explore alternate options. For membership terms and conditions please click here.

We thank you for your continued passion, commitment and support.

Yours sincerely,

Nathan Kosmina
Chief Executive Officer