Veart: We played into their hands

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Adelaide United coach Carl Veart says his side played into Sydney FC’s hands as it went down for its first loss of the season.

Veart’s team trailed two nil after just 14 minutes and was never in with a sniff as the Sky Blues piled on three more goals to win 5-1.

The result sees the Reds slip off the top of the ladder, and they could be as low as fifth at the conclusion of the remaining Round 4 results.

Speaking after the defeat, Veart was blunt in his assessment of what went wrong, saying none of his players were at their best and the game would be reviewed in depth across next week’s international break.

Carl Veart on his initial assessment of the result:

“We knew Sydney would come out hard in the first 15-20 minutes and we just didn’t deal with it. We were second to everything, very naive the way we played and we got punished. You know, we made far too many mistakes and we just didn’t recognize what was happening in the game. We said we didn’t want to give them any opportunities in that first 15 minutes. And we actually played into their hands. It was game over after that.

Carl Veart on what went wrong on the night:

“We knew they would come hard, and they had a lot more fight and a lot more energy, and we just didn’t match it. We were second to everything on the park, we go far too much space, we didn’t put pressure on the ball. Just all those basic things that you need to have if you want to win a football match.

“We’re going to have to be honest and take it as simple as that. I don’t think there’s one player that could put their hand up and say they were close to their level tonight. And with the team that we have we need all of our players to show up and play. And tonight, we just didn’t do that.”

Carl Veart on how the players were feeling immediately after the game:

“They’re very disappointed with the performance and it’s just a matter of regrouping as a group, you know, they’ve got a lot of pride in their performances, and everyone knows, the coaching staff and the players have to take responsibility for that first 45 minutes, it just wasn’t who we are. Sometimes this happens, and hopefully, it’s just a one off. We’ll have a good look at that game, and everyone individually will have to have a look and see what we can do to be better. Because as I said, that was not who we are, that first 45.”

Carl Veart on why Isaias was not in the starting line-up:

“Isa is a bit sore. He’s got a bit of a groin issue so we tried to give him a little bit of a break tonight. And if we needed him, we would have put him in. But you know, the game was over.”

Carl Veart on whether having so many young players in his side can lead to erratic form:

“Possibly it can be, we know that. But we still have belief in the group, and they’ve got to keep that belief in themselves as well. I think tonight, the belief went out of them in that first 10-15 minutes. And it’s important that they don’t lose that belief in themselves as individuals as a group and I think tonight, they allowed that to happen.”

Carl Veart on his pride at seeing young players he has given a start doing well overseas and being named in the Socceroos squad:

“I’m proud of the club in providing that platform for these young players but also we provide the platform but it’s up to the young players to step up into the spotlight. Some of them have stepped into the spotlight and moved on and then it’s the next one that comes in. That’s the way we are and that’s where we want to be. It’s exciting. We had a great turnout here tonight. Unfortunately, we didn’t give them something to go away with to be happy with but I’m sure they would have seen some of those young boys out there and thought they’re doing really well and they’ll come back and watch them again.”

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