Veart: We’re not in the position that we want to be

Carl Veart fronted the media at Coopers Stadium on Thursday morning ahead of his side’s clash with the Newcastle Jets on Friday night.

Carl on sticking to the game plan:

We still want to play the way that we’ve set our team out to play. We won’t make any excuses; we’re not in the position that we want to be. The expectations were a lot higher than this as well. So it’s important that we stick to what we believe is going to bring us success. We still have got a lot to fight for, for the rest of this season. The playing group is still in good spirits, and we’re still trying to get the best out of them. It’s just unfortunate at times that we haven’t executed what we needed to execute in games.

Carl on League form changing quickly:

I think the previous seasons can show that in this league, teams will go on 5-6-7 game runs and come from nowhere, so we still hold out that we are good enough to do that. It’s just a matter of keeping working and getting that belief in ourselves. I think that’s something that’s been lacking, which happens when teams are in a little bit of a rut like we are, and it’s important that we keep our belief and keep pushing forward. You know, there’s still a lot for our players to play for.

Carl on expiring contracts and looking ahead:

We’ve got quite a few players that are not contracted past this season. We’re in the space at this time where we’re talking to players, not just at our club, but across the league and some foreign players as well. We’re always looking ahead, not just at the players that we’ve got at the moment, but also the players that are in our youth team as well.

Carl on Josh Cavallo’s engagement news:

He’s had some tough times so it’s good to see that he’s got some joy in his life. You know, and especially now that he’s got a long-term injury. So you know, we always wish him the best and it’s good to see that he’s happy. It’s a big thing for me as a coach that I want all the players to enjoy their football. That’s the number one thing and, I think, Josh since he’s come here, has really enjoyed his football which has allowed him to be himself.