Clarification of Adelaide United coaching appointment


Adelaide United FC wishes to advise the following in regards to the search for the club’s next Head Coach…

Adelaide United FC acknowledges its disappointment and the disappointment many of its supporters would have felt upon being informed of recent announcements regarding the resignation of the Coaching Selection Panel. As such, the Club would like to advise the following:

Coaching Selection Panel
Adelaide United FC committed to vesting its authority in the Panel to source a final list of suitable candidates for a Board/Panel decision. The facts are as follows:

  • Michael Valkanis commenced full time employment with the Club in 2009, given the role of taking charge of the Football Academy and also assisting with the Youth Team. Since then he progressed to become the senior Assistant Coach in 2012 while continuing to oversee the Youth Team.
  • Following John Kosmina’s sudden resignation, Valkanis agreed to assist the Club by assuming the role of Senior Coach for the balance of the season with no assurance that he would be considered for the role going forward. He did so in the full knowledge that the terms of his original employment would be preserved.
  • Valkanis decided not to be considered for the Head coaching position. As such, he legally resumed his original appointment within the Club as Assistant Coach. For the Club to take any other course of action would give rise to a breach of the Fair Work Act, let alone the matter of integrity in an employee relationship.
  • The fact of the matter is that Valkanis’ role as Assistant Coach is NOT a new Board appointment as has been reported, but that of an employee resuming his original position within the Club. The Club has not appointed an Assistant Coach prior to a Head Coach appointment.
  • Once a Head Coach has been selected then the support structure – Assistant(s), High Performance Manager, Goalkeeper Coach and Youth Team Coach must be his or meet with his approval. The ramifications of any changes would be a Board matter, which will form part of the final interview process.
  • The media release announcing Valkanis- decision not to pursue the coaching role simply clarified his position and to end speculation on same. It was in no way any form of intent to dilute the future coaching appointment or to place restriction on same.
  • Whilst not imposing conditions on the coaching appointment, it must be pointed out that many coaches have inherited existing structures with success.

    The Process Going Forward
    Adelaide United FC advises the following:

  • All coaching applications are now with the Club. The Club expresses its appreciation for the preliminary work done by the Coaching Selection Panel.
  • Adelaide United Football Director Michael Petrillo in conjunction with Football Federation Australia (FFA) will now oversee the process and present a recommendation to the Board.
  • The Club believes this appointment is a critical one and will continue to seek to appoint the best available candidate to take the Club forward.
  • The Club has a preference for an experienced coach for an initial two year period.

    The Club sees the task of securing the new Head Coach as the highest priority and will make no further comment until an announcement once the successful candidate has been selected.