Helping spread football joy in South African province


An Adelaide United donation has had a lasting impact on a passionate football community in Africa.

An Adelaide United donation has had a lasting impact on a passionate football community in Africa.

For many, it is often easy to get caught up in the negativity of what you want but don-t have rather than being grateful for the things you do have. For a community in South Africa that have learnt to be grateful for the little they have in terms of material wealth, a surprise package that arrived from Adelaide has had a significant impact.

Earlier this year the club sent over a pile of outdated playing and training apparel to youth of the Uvira District and the Luvungi community, located in a region of South Arica.

“They were very pleased to receive sports equipment from Adelaide United and they formed a team called Luvungi United for the sake of oneness and love between Adelaide and Luvungi,” Dr Luc from DR Congo said.

“The equipment was distributed among the big centres of the Uvira District namely Luvungi, Uvira, Sange and Kiliba.”

“Every Sarturday and Sunday the youth meet to play soccer for the sake of promoting peace and development in Uvira District.

“Every day before they start playing they have 30 minutes of advice amongst themselves where they discuss different topics and every time they are grateful to Australia for the container they sent. They call it a container of unity and love.”

Adrian Harris, Supplies and Logistics Officer for Birthing Kit Foundation, played an integral role in organising the gear and ensuring it arrived at its intended destination, and emphasized what it has meant to these people.

“It demonstrates already the impact that Adelaide United-s donation has had in enriching the lives of the people in this and the surrounding local communities,” Harris said.

“A six team competition from four areas has started, and whilst in its infancy, I can see a great deal of interest being created. There is a lot of ‘red- in these areas going to fantastic use.”